Progress and Victories

A task is something that has to be done. We fill our days with endless tasks…things to do that, once we’ve done them, are only replaced with hundreds more. If we’re not careful, it can lead to a continual sense of drudgery and today is just another day of hard work.

A goal is something altogether different.

andre-hunter-62014-unsplashA goal is something to achieve, a victory to gain, a finish-line to cross with arms in the air and a sense of triumph!

I may have that fallen down fence to fix this weekend (true story!) and it feels like another annoyance that will blight my free time. Alternatively, fixing that fence can become my weekend goal. When it’s done, I’ll feel like I succeeded. I crossed the finish line. My work is done here. I am victorious!

Honestly, this works. It’s about a ‘Progress and Victories’ mentality. Celebration of small achievements that helps keep energy and enthusiasm up for the inevitably mundane challenges that characterise so much of life.

The leadership courses we are involved with include an element called ‘7-day Goals’ and participants are required to set a work and a personal goal every single week, often over a period of many months. In a year, that’s about 50 (often small but) meaningful victories personally and professionally that have made life feel better…more successful. How about trying that next week? One work goal. One personal goal. Anything that when you imagine completing within 7 days will feel like a victory. Write it down. Do it. Celebrate!

Author: nick howes

I'm a trainer, coach and educator in the field of management and leadership. My passion is to help you set and achieve important goals that make life more as you'd like it to be in your relationships, work and community.

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